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Since the mid-1980s, Linda Salerno has seen herself primarily as a painter. However, from the very beginning of her career, photography has played an important role as a resource for her work. Photographs by Niepce and Fox Talbot as well as the earliest dioramas and the 1815 stage design for Mozart’s “Magic Flute” all inform Salerno’s fusion of modernity and classicism into seductive pictorial worlds. The exactitude of nineteenth-century scientific illustrations paired with her own intensely gestural painting style result in densely atmospheric works. Her current “Black Mirror Series” consumately blends the two art forms into multilayered images. They may at first appear as slightly manipulated photographs of a female figure in nature. But at closer inspection they reveal a complex combination of painting, drawing, and photography with allusions to the artist’s broader poetics. In the end, the different layers of time and media all melt into mysterious digital photographs.

Texts by Elisabetta Longari, Klaus Honnef,
Roberto Mutti, Claudia Steinberg,
Martin Kunz, Linda Salerno
84 illustrations including 80 in color
120 pages


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The Experience of Linda Salerno’s “Black Mirror Series”
Elisabett Longari

Linda Salerno: The Seductive Games of Photography
Klaus Honnef

The Path of Wandering Gazes
Roberto Mutti

Texts of Charta Books in Italian

L’esperienza della “Black Mirror Series” di Linda Salerno
Elisabett Longari

Linda Salerno: I seducenti giochi della fotografia
Klaus Honnef

Il sentiero verso cui lo sguardo si perde
Roberto Mutti